The Hutchins Story
The Pro behind the ProFinishers

Hutchins Mfg.Company exists because Al Hutchins is a man of conviction.
A strong individual who knows things must be improved constantly, because
things change constantly. It’s almost coincidental that he is a mechanical genius.
Al Hutchins knows and loves tools. He knows metal and metal surfaces because
he earned good money as a body-man in an era when how well your family ate
depended onwhat kind of work you produced.And he envisioned changing
“needs” as changes in automotive surfaces and finishes progressed - the need
for new tools, new techniques… new methods referred to as “Advanced Technology.”
Al spent his midnight hours creating new designs to improve old tools, and his daylight
hours using his new ideas to make a living.

These new ideas were offered to major tool manufacturers.“Too advanced.” They didn’t
want anyone rocking the boat. So Al Hutchins, a man of principle and vision, decided to
do it himself…Build the best sanders possible. “From scratch.” Al sold his thriving
body-shop business, mortgaged his home, borrowed on his insurance, and began building.
Sweat, heartaches, and half-soled shoes! Tough years for a tough-minded idealist, but
Hutchins' reputation for quality and exceptional performance gradually gained momentum
all over the world.

Today, Al Hutchins’ visions and achievements in Advanced Technology for Surface
Preparation are recognized standards worldwide. His first pneumatic sander, the
Model 800, is still the most versatile sander ever built, and even today it is the
largest selling “orbital air file.” It also identifies the most imitated of all Al Hutchins’
original creations, the revolutionary “5-point Suspension System” for orbital sanders.
In 45+ years,Al Hutchins’ creations and innovations have proven so important to
Surface Preparation techniques that all international competitive sanders incorporate
at least one of his original benefits. Patent after patent, the parade is impressive -
the 5-point Suspension System, Dust Free Sanders, the Vacuum Assist Program… on
and on. All these fine achievements, the superb sanding equipment with health and
safety advantages - it’s all happening because that “tough-minded idealist”is determined
to “make it better” for the guy who makes a living with sanders.

One thing never changes; Al Hutchins is a “nuts & bolts”man. Every Hutchins
sander is put together the old fashioned way: working components precisionhoned
and machined, then hand-fitted with nuts, bolts, and screws to Als’ personal
rigid specifications. No cheap production short-cuts are tolerated. Every single
model represents Al Hutchins - personally, and the equipment keeps getting better
and better because the man in the oil-smeared shop coat doing the hardest work
the longest hours is Al Hutchins.
What is the moral to “The Hutchins Story?” Ask the guy who depends on his
Hutchins Sander to make a Living!

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